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Heroin addicts face barriers to treatment
They either claim that the addict does not meet the "criteria for medical necessity" — that inpatient care would be an inappropriate treatment — or require that the user first try outpatient rehab. "Ninety-nine-point-nine percent of the time, we hear …
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Erin Henderson sober, eager for another chance in NFL
Erin Henderson never thought his alcohol and marijuana use affected his play on the field. In fact, Henderson felt his … Henderson revealed in a blog post Tuesday on TMZ that he checked into an inpatient rehabilitation facility Jan. 2, hours after …
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Blanchard residents rally against proposed rehabilitation center
Second Story Ranch is a proposed 90-day residential home designed to help men who have completed 30 days of inpatient substance abuse treatment. The recovery home would be near the outskirts of Blanchard. Some residents have taken issue with the …

Parents, advocates push for drug rehabilitation be paid for by health insurance
BRENTWOOD – As the heroin crisis worsens on Long Island, parents and advocates are hoping Albany can pass a bill requiring inpatient drug rehabilitation be paid for by health insurance. The issue was discussed at the first of 12 statewide forums on …
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Marion Barry leaves physical rehab facility, pledges to serve out DC council term
D.C. Council member Marion Barry left an inpatient rehabilitation facility Wednesday after spending much of 2014 being treated for infections that he said “knocked me for a loop.” ”It really hit hard,” Barry (D-Ward 8) said of the recent maladies …
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Humble Beginnings in Cherry Hill opens as outpatient addiction facility
Addiction is a disease that can linger with a patient for the rest of their lives. Detox, rehab and medical treatments can help an addict discontinue use of whatever substance has taken hold of their freewill, but often times patients need help …
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Nursing care facility to be built in LP
In announcing the decision, IU Health La Porte Hospital President and CEO Thor Thordarson said the hospital has studied extensively the ways it could enhance continuity of care for patients as they complete their inpatient stays. … They have more …
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Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center Selects Authentidate's InscrybeMD
Additionally, Florida Hospital Oceanside is home to the area's only inpatient rehabilitation facility with CARF accreditation for stroke care. For more information, call (386) 231-6000 or visit About Authentidate …
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When recovering from alcohol addiction, in-patient alcohol treatment centres are an advisable option. These are supportive environments where trained professionals can manage detox and rehabilitation programmes for patients.

Those suffering from severe alcohol addiction need this level of support because unmanaged detoxification from heavy use of alcohol can have potentially fatal side effects. Trained professionals can create a treatment plan for patients including medicated withdrawal and stabilisation.

These recovery centres allow patients to stay for a number of days or weeks and concentrate on their recovery, without the distractions from the outside world. Where as if someone uses out-patient services, they are still living at home and can be more easily distracted.

In-patient alcohol treatment centres need to be calming and relaxed and are often decorated in neutral colours, with comfortable furnishings that allow the patient to de-stress. The aim is for in-patient facilities to be homely not clinical.

As patients are often sharing in-patient facilities with others, there also needs to be a welcoming and inclusive feel. Work is often done in groups to encourage social interaction, but there must also be room for privacy when needed.

The overall aim of in-patient treatment centres is to encourage recovery and offer support so that patients can develop the strength to leave their alcohol addiction behind and start a new chapter in their lives.


Wellington Lodge are an in-patient alcohol treatment centre based in London. They offer managed medicated withdrawal from alcohol in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Patients receive high levels of support whilst staying at the clinic and receive aftercare to enable them to maintain an alcohol free lifestyle. For more information visit the Wellington Lodge website.

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Question by Darius Young: Can the uninsured and unemployed go to alcohol rehab too?
Ok, I am 20 years old now and I am no longer in denial of being an alcoholic. I realize it now. My life is so messed up and I want to change before things get even worse. The only problem is that now I am jobless again due to my alcoholism and I am close to broke. Do rehabs accept people with no insurance or a job even? Thank you…..

Best answer:

Answer by Nina
Dear One, Congratulations on your epiphany!!! You will have a great life being sober. I know of only one place to go and that is Salvation Army. They help you in every way possible. Be open, willing and honest, and all will be given to you. I am so proud of you! Take good care.

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