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Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription drug abuse also known as pharming is one of the fastest growing drug abuse concerns in the United State as state by the US Drug Enforcement Agency and the US Department of Health.

In 2007, close to two million individuals were using painkillers in an abusive manner with marijuana only a small percentage above on the list of abused drugs. More than sixteen citizens of America have at least one time abused a prescription drug. In 2006, the alarming statistics show that almost 3% of 14 year olds, 7% of 15 year olds, and 10% of high school seniors had a prescription drug abuse problem with vicodin.

There is long list of prescription drug abuse problem all across America through all walks of life. The majority of prescription drug abuse is with such drugs as vicodin, oxycontin, valium, and Xanax. These drugs are painkillers, muscle relaxants, or anxiety medications. Today, in the United States, prescription drug abuse is fast becoming an epidemic. The problem is no longer just an accidentally addiction caused by taking more than prescribed to ease the pain of arthritis or other chronic pain diseases, today prescription drug abuse is seen in all ages and across all types of individuals. The sad part is that most people do not consider prescription drug abuse a major problem as the drugs are not street drugs, thus they cannot harm you. Wrong! Any drug can become a problem if abused.

Oxycontin happens to be one of the most popular prescription drug abuse problems. This drug is an opiate and causes a euphoric effect shortly after taking. However, if the drug is crushed and either injected or snorted the intense high is even greater. This rush tends to have abusers doing whatever it takes to get their hands on more oxycontin. After using the drug for a while and becoming dependent, the drug can cause permanent damage to the brain.

Not only is prescription drug abuse on the rise, it is also one of the hardest drugs addictions to treat, at least in the case of opiates. In order to recover from prescription drug abuse a person will need to go through a medical detox program to ensure they can survive the life threatening withdrawal symptoms.

Ritalin, which is a stimulant, is also quickly rising on the prescription drug abuse scale, many times due to students cramming for tests and needing to stay away. These drugs can be very dangerous if taken in high doses with side effects that can include high fevers, paranoia, and irregular heartbeat.

Prescription drug abuse amounted for around forty percent of all substance abuse cases for first time abusers in 2007. Treatment for prescription drug abuse should be found for anyone suffering from addiction. The best way to start is with your physician. He/she will be able to refer you to the proper treatment center that can evaluate your level of addiction to know how to proceed in your prescription drug abuse treatment program.

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