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Drug Testing as a Camp Counselor?

Question by : Drug testing as a camp counselor?
I just got a job as a camp counselor and in the camp guidelines it says this “I understand that
smoking, use or possession of alcohol or drugs will lead to my immediate dismissal. I agree to
participate in —-‘s drug and alcohol testing policy.” But then the only other thing that says anything about drug testing is this. ” We personally review all of the department of motor vehicles records on all drivers prior to each summer and all drivers participate in a drug screening program.” which is clearly directed to only drivers. Does this mean they will drug test me? the session is 39 days long.
i am not a driver. I applied to be a camp counselor. I am already hired and have already signed and sent in the contract as well as my W-4 forms.

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Answer by Brandon Dick
yes i believe they are going to test you but i have to ask if you are a driver? but anyway yes they will most likely test you for drugs being as though you are someone of the camp so yea they will test you most likely

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