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How Many “alcoholics” Out There Have Tried Rational Recovery Instead of AA?

Question by Lady Morgana: How many “alcoholics” out there have tried Rational Recovery instead of AA?
How effective would you say etiher of these programs is for you?

I was in AA for 3 years and have now gone on to RR. It works for me, getting rid of the religious stuff and putting in personal responsibility and personal power. I am interested in other people’s experiences.
actually, guyster, I have only asked it once BEFPRE, and I am re-posting it TODAY in this place and one other in order to get more responses, since there were only 4 or 5 answers form the one and only previous time I posted it, but gee thanks for keeping track of what questions I post. What a guy.

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Answer by guyster
Probably just as many as the last three times you asked this.

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