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Xanax Abuse

Today, Xanax abuse is running rampant. A matter of fact this drug prescribed for those with anxiety problems is now a well-known party drug. Today, the term Xanie-popping is used for the usage of the drug. The drug is a depressant that can only be given with a prescription; however, it is finding its way onto the streets all across the United States.

The reason xanax abuse is fast becoming a major problem is that around 800,000 websites sell prescription medications online. The majority of these websites are not regulated or under the control of any government. Xanax abuse in 2007 contributed to around two million prescription drug abuse cases. Xanax abuse along with other prescription drugs is not just a problem with the young adults and teenagers, even though the majority of users are in this age group.

Xanax is a benzodiazepine, which acts on the central nervous system and interacts chemically in the brain. The drug slows the neurotransmitters, which causes a calm and peaceful state. Xanax abuse is not only found with individuals taking the drug, but many are now crushing the drug in order to snort or mix with water and inject. This causes the high to be more intense. The body once a person begins with xanax abuse the need for more and more of drug to experience the same effect increases quickly. Once this has occurred the person is now physically, depend on the drug. Now, the xanax abuse has turned into an addiction, which will need medical help to quit.

Xanax abuse can be an accident from individuals with legal prescriptions; however, many that take more than prescribed do not realize the harm that can happen. They believe since they have a prescription, everything is fine.

If you believe, you know someone with a xanax abuse problem you can look for signs, which are actually withdrawal symptoms. The signs include clumsiness, lack of coordination, drowsiness, slurred speech, cannot concentrate, nausea, muscle cramps, loss of appetite, and diarrhea.

Xanax abuse should be treated as soon as you realize yourself or a love one has a problem. The longer the abuse occurs the harder it will be for the person to recover. Long-term xanax abuse can result in inpatient detox programs taking medications to ensure that the withdrawal symptoms are lessened. Some withdrawal symptoms can be life threatening, so it would be best if you have a xanax abuse problem to speak with your physician before stopping the drug.

Treatment for xanax abuse should begin with speaking with your doctor for an evaluation. This will determine the level of your dependency and if you need detoxification. Today, across the United States, there are nearly 14,000 drug and alcohol abuse centers that are prepared to help each patient conquer their addiction can begin to live life alcohol or drug free. The various programs available vary according to the location and the type of treatment. Of course, you should discuss these options over with your doctor before making a decision.

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