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Crystal Meth Addiction

Crystal meth addiction and use is one of the fastest growing drug abuse problems gripping our nation. Whether the users are finding their fix from homemade labs or from drug cartels smuggling the drug into the United States from Mexico, the problem is wide spread from large cities such as New York to small Midwestern towns such as Bedford Indiana. Meth is so highly addictive, that many people have a crystal meth addiction after only using the drug one time.

crystal meth addictions are very hard to treat and can cause permanent damage to a persons body not to mention the family, relationship, and work problems that occur due to the addiction.

In a study conducted in 2006 revealed that, more than 1.6 million individuals had tried crystal meth at some point in their lives. The major crystal meth addiction age group is 24 to 27 years of age with the first usage around nineteen. Individuals entering drug rehab centers for crystal meth addiction tripled from 1997 and 2007 and are still on the rise.

On reason that so many individuals are having problems with crystal meth addiction is that the drug can be manufactured from cold medicines that can be purchased over the counter. Some states have now stopped the over the counter sales of these drugs unless you show an picture ID and only purchase a small amount, thus cracking down on the easy way in which to purchase the necessary drugs to create crystal meth.

One reason so many individuals fall prey to crystal meth addiction is that the drug is often very cheap on the street, is quite easy to obtain, provides an intense hit, and an exhilarated high that lasts around seven hours.

The incidents of violence with crystal meth addiction is quite high as even though while a person is high and the feelings are great, the “hit” disappears quickly and is often followed by violent behavior. Sudden moods swings are often associate with crystal meth addiction and abuse. The high however, can last a longer amount of time due to releasing dopamine as well as blocking the brains ability to reabsorb dopamine. crystal meth addiction can and does lead to changes in the way the brain performs such as reduces motor skills, impairs verbal learning and for long time users emotional problems and cognitive problems.

Not only do individuals with a crystal meth addiction suffer from the problems mentioned above but can also have physical effects on the body such as weight loss, anxiety, insomnia, confusion, rotted teeth, paranoia, and delusions.

For anyone suffering from crystal meth addiction the best way to receive the help you need is by contacting a drug and alcohol treatment center. Be sure that you do your homework and learn the various methods of treatment they have available as well as learn if they have experience with crystal meth addictions. The best drug addiction center for those suffering from crystal meth addiction will provide detoxification as well as counseling.

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