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Question by : Drug testing as a camp counselor?
I just got a job as a camp counselor and in the camp guidelines it says this “I understand that
smoking, use or possession of alcohol or drugs will lead to my immediate dismissal. I agree to
participate in —-‘s drug and alcohol testing policy.” But then the only other thing that says anything about drug testing is this. ” We personally review all of the department of motor vehicles records on all drivers prior to each summer and all drivers participate in a drug screening program.” which is clearly directed to only drivers. Does this mean they will drug test me? the session is 39 days long.
i am not a driver. I applied to be a camp counselor. I am already hired and have already signed and sent in the contract as well as my W-4 forms.

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Answer by Brandon Dick
yes i believe they are going to test you but i have to ask if you are a driver? but anyway yes they will most likely test you for drugs being as though you are someone of the camp so yea they will test you most likely

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Highlights: Bankruptcy Danger For Specialty Hospital In DC; Phoenix VA Waits
Creditors who say they are owed millions of dollars hope to force two D.C. hospitals into bankruptcy, threatening the city's only facilities dedicated to the long-term care of those suffering from serious and complex maladies (DeBonis, 4/26). The Wall …
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Bridging Medicaid's medical and behavioral care chasm
On April 1, the Mercy Care Plan, under contract with the state of Arizona, started coordinating medical treatment with behavioral care and substance-abuse services for Medicaid beneficiaries in the Phoenix area who suffer from serious mental illness …

Drugmaker's dual role as friend, foe
“I'm appalled,” said Andrew Kolodny, chief medical officer of Phoenix House, a national addiction treatment network with six centers in Massachusetts. “I think it's disgusting that a drug company with an opioid addiction treatment would want to grab a …
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Question by Lady Morgana: How many “alcoholics” out there have tried Rational Recovery instead of AA?
How effective would you say etiher of these programs is for you?

I was in AA for 3 years and have now gone on to RR. It works for me, getting rid of the religious stuff and putting in personal responsibility and personal power. I am interested in other people’s experiences.
actually, guyster, I have only asked it once BEFPRE, and I am re-posting it TODAY in this place and one other in order to get more responses, since there were only 4 or 5 answers form the one and only previous time I posted it, but gee thanks for keeping track of what questions I post. What a guy.

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Answer by guyster
Probably just as many as the last three times you asked this.

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Homeless shelter director suggests closing it down
Jacqueline Williams, executive director of the Ford Street Project and Ukiah Community Center, will recommend to the board of directors today the idea of shutting down the Buddy Eller Center, which she says has become too costly to run as it is. She's …
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Study Reveals Steady Uptick in Sedative Prescriptions
The trend showed that dual prescriptions for both pain medication and sedatives rose by another 12% each year, and that patients who received prescriptions for opioid painkillers were four times as likely to receive sedatives prescriptions as well …
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Treat-Less In Seattle? Not Likely: While the city ranked second overall, Seattle locals love to give their animals treats. This locale topped the list for purchasing the most treats for dogs, cats, birds and other small animals. — Horsing Around In …
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Warning: This Column Will Offend You
I could have dispensed with the pointless argument over James Bond's shabby treatment of women and simply conceded that the addition of a trigger warning to Goldfinger would keep the film in its original form while also warding off the easily offended …
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Animal behaviorist Temple Grandin, H&R Block founder Henry Bloch among six
He earned a bachelor's degree in industrial management in 1969 from the University of South Florida and a juris doctorate in 1978 from Florida State University College of Law. Currently, he works …. She previously was in Boston University's School of …
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Military, veteran suicides account for nearly one in every four in Florida
The difficulty of translating military experience to a civilian job, drug and alcohol abuse, loss of their military brotherhood and making the mental transformation from warrior back to civilian are often-cited roadblocks. NEW PROGRAM WILL BE MANDATORY …
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Aurora IL Alcohol Drug Rehab Announces Updated Intervention Program Now
Aurora IL Alcohol Drug Rehab is announcing that an updated intervention program for family members and friends of loved ones who are deep into their drug addiction is now available in Aurora and surrounding cities. Watching a family member, whether he …
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Erie PA Alcohol Drug Rehab Launches Residential Treatment Expansion
Erie PA Alcohol Drug Rehab Launches Residential Treatment Expansion. Drug addiction is simply too much for many people that watch someone they care about slip into the abyss of drugs. They do have somewhere to get immediate help, though.
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