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Percocet Abuse

Percocet is an opiate painkiller prescription drug with highly addictive properties. If the drug is used, as the doctor prescribed it is generally safe besides the normal side effects, however, once a person begins to abuse the drug trouble starts. Percocet abuse can lead to addiction, physical problems, emotional problems, work problems, and relationship problems. The emotional and physical addiction to percocet and other opiates is very hard to break. In fact, the only way in which to kick the habit is with medical help.

Percocet is one of those drugs that started to soar on the drug abuse list since 2000. By 2005, more than eleven million individuals in the United States had a percocet abuse problem. By 2007, painkillers such as percocet were only a tad below marijuana for individuals seeking help for addiction. Today, schools are reporting that students in both middle school and high school are taking drugs like percocet and oxycontin to name a few of the opiates found in the education system. Percocet abuse is rising in every state across the nation.

Percocet abuse is not only found among teenagers and street gangs. Percocet abuse happens to be senior problem as well. Many individuals are given this type of drug as a painkiller and due to the intense pain; patients take more than is prescribed to rid their body of the pain. The problem with most opiates is the high is very addicting and once a person begins to abuse the drug it will soon turn into an addiction.

Teenagers and others that want to enjoy the high found with percocet abuse often crush the pills in order to snort or add the crushed powder to water in order to shoot up. Where are the kids finding these drugs? The answers are in parent’s medicine cabinets, through a physician due to an injury, at clubs or rave parties. The drug has a way of chemically altering the way the brain functions providing a feeling of well being.

The sad news is that once an individual has a percocet abuse problem, they cannot just throw the bottle away and rejoice. A person with a percocet abuse must go through withdrawal symptoms which are often life threatening. In order to detox or rid the body of the toxins of drug abuse the person will need to receive medical care.

In 2007, close to ten percent of all individuals admitted to drug and alcohol treatment centers were in the group of percocet abusers or other opiates such as oxycontin. Treatment for those suffering percocet abuse includes counseling and behavior modification. In some cases, according to the length of time a person has been abusing the drug, medications may be needed to help with withdrawal symptoms. The drugs often used include methadone or buprenorphine.

At this time, there are not as many drug and alcohol treatment centers that are certified to give the drug needed for those with percocet abuse problems. The majority of times, the detox period will need to be handled in a hospital.

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