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Question by : Drug testing as a camp counselor?
I just got a job as a camp counselor and in the camp guidelines it says this “I understand that
smoking, use or possession of alcohol or drugs will lead to my immediate dismissal. I agree to
participate in —-‘s drug and alcohol testing policy.” But then the only other thing that says anything about drug testing is this. ” We personally review all of the department of motor vehicles records on all drivers prior to each summer and all drivers participate in a drug screening program.” which is clearly directed to only drivers. Does this mean they will drug test me? the session is 39 days long.
i am not a driver. I applied to be a camp counselor. I am already hired and have already signed and sent in the contract as well as my W-4 forms.

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Answer by Brandon Dick
yes i believe they are going to test you but i have to ask if you are a driver? but anyway yes they will most likely test you for drugs being as though you are someone of the camp so yea they will test you most likely

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Warning: This Column Will Offend You
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Military, veteran suicides account for nearly one in every four in Florida
The difficulty of translating military experience to a civilian job, drug and alcohol abuse, loss of their military brotherhood and making the mental transformation from warrior back to civilian are often-cited roadblocks. NEW PROGRAM WILL BE MANDATORY …
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With the Baby Boomer generation aging, more alcohol rehab programs across the country are finding their services in demand from this demographic. It may be hard to imagine for some, but seniors are struggling with alcohol addiction and account for almost 60 percent of the people seeking treatment each year.
According to a recent article published by the Associated Press, the number of admissions to alcohol detox and alcohol rehab programs has doubled between the years of 1992 and 2008. Experts expect this rising trend to continue as the Baby Boomer generation grows older. This presents some unique challenges for alcohol rehab programs. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration estimates that one of every eight older adults in the United States sought help for drug and alcohol addiction in 2008.
One center in New York City is offering substance abuse treatment programs designed specifically for seniors.  “There is a level of societal denial around the issue. No one wants to look at their grandparent, no one wants to think about their grandparent or their elderly parent, and see that person as an addict,” said Peter Provet, President and CEO of Odyssey House.
Many of these seniors have struggled for years with alcohol abuse, and reach a point in their lives where they recognize they need to get help for their disease. The next logical step would be to find a quality alcohol detox and alcohol rehab program. It is important to select an alcohol rehab program with an experienced medical staff, because it is common for seniors to have multiple medical problems like high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. All of these are chronic medical conditions that require daily medications and monitoring, and an alcohol rehab and alcohol detox program needs to provide that round-the-clock attention.
It is possible for seniors to regain their health and start the recovery from alcohol addiction. The social stigma of the disease should not prevent anyone, regardless of their chronological age, from seeking quality treatment at an alcohol rehab.

Victoria Bradenton is an author and speaker on the subject of addiction and substance abuse treatment.  Working in conjunction with The Treatment Center, she is active in the national recovery community.  The Treatment Center is a well respected, residential treatment program offering medical detoxification, dual diagnosis treatment, individual and group therapy.  Most major insurance is accepted. 

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Remembering the Drug Court Revolution
The first drug court designers couldn't get treatment centers interested in the idea, Murray remembers, “so Dade County set up a double-wide trailer in an empty lot, and that was our treatment center.” State and federal funding would materialize, but …
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Housing facility for rehab causing some to be concerned
It's a West Palm Beach based facility claiming to be the only physician run drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Florida. On its website, Wellington Retreat states that it specializes in addiction and psychiatric illness recovery. CBS 12 News went …
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Types of Alcohol Rehab Facilities


Rehab facilities may vary but they all share a common aim and that is to help addicts recover from their addiction. Many facilities today concentrate on detoxification. The process can be done in a hospital in which a minimum of 10 days is required for the personnel to totally free the person from alcoholic elements. Although hospitals can accommodate this, the danger of withdrawal can harm other patients that is why it is recommended that detoxification is done in a rehab facility that can fully supply and facilitate the safety of the patient and the people around him


Alcoholics can still undergo treatment without confining themselves in a rehab center. Outpatient treatments are applicable to those who are less dependent on alcohol and the severity of their addiction is still containable. This is also applicable to those who have been in a facility and are deemed sober and alcohol free. Outpatients are closely monitored by rehab facility personnel assigned to them and are required to attend counseling on schedule.


Inpatient treatment is applicable to those who have severe alcohol dependency. It is required to be able to monitor them 24 hours a day and induce medical treatment whenever needed. Inpatients are considered totally dependent of alcohol and needs close monitoring. This is also to give immediate help in situations such as relapse and intense urge to give in to their addiction.


Adolescent addiction rehab is a rehabilitation option that specializes in the treatment of adolescent patients. Treatment of younger generation on alcohol abuse is different from adults. The formulation of counseling techniques is more defined and requirements to help them become sober are more intense.


Faith based rehabilitation refers to the patient’s willingness to enter a facility out of his faith on himself and his ability to fully cooperate with the rehab personnel for the glory of freedom from alcoholism. It is similar to Christian alcohol rehabs which involve a great deal of counseling and help from support groups.


There are other forms of alcohol rehab facilities that offer more and even detailed process of leading an alcoholic person to sobriety. A person may choose according to his preferences and the severity of his addiction.







One of the largest and most successful drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in the world.

The Phoenix Recovery Center Opens a New Outpatient Drug and Alcohol
The Phoenix Recovery Center, providers of individualized rehab treatment programs for individuals struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, announced the grand opening of their newest outpatient rehab facility located in Draper Utah . The new center …
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Akron Alcohol Drug Rehab Launches New Residential Treatment Program for
Akron Alcohol Drug Rehab is launching a new residential treatment program focused on drug addiction and its side effects in Akron. Residential treatment involves detoxification and inpatient programs. These are all designed to work in tandem so a …