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With the Baby Boomer generation aging, more alcohol rehab programs across the country are finding their services in demand from this demographic. It may be hard to imagine for some, but seniors are struggling with alcohol addiction and account for almost 60 percent of the people seeking treatment each year.
According to a recent article published by the Associated Press, the number of admissions to alcohol detox and alcohol rehab programs has doubled between the years of 1992 and 2008. Experts expect this rising trend to continue as the Baby Boomer generation grows older. This presents some unique challenges for alcohol rehab programs. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration estimates that one of every eight older adults in the United States sought help for drug and alcohol addiction in 2008.
One center in New York City is offering substance abuse treatment programs designed specifically for seniors.  “There is a level of societal denial around the issue. No one wants to look at their grandparent, no one wants to think about their grandparent or their elderly parent, and see that person as an addict,” said Peter Provet, President and CEO of Odyssey House.
Many of these seniors have struggled for years with alcohol abuse, and reach a point in their lives where they recognize they need to get help for their disease. The next logical step would be to find a quality alcohol detox and alcohol rehab program. It is important to select an alcohol rehab program with an experienced medical staff, because it is common for seniors to have multiple medical problems like high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. All of these are chronic medical conditions that require daily medications and monitoring, and an alcohol rehab and alcohol detox program needs to provide that round-the-clock attention.
It is possible for seniors to regain their health and start the recovery from alcohol addiction. The social stigma of the disease should not prevent anyone, regardless of their chronological age, from seeking quality treatment at an alcohol rehab.

Victoria Bradenton is an author and speaker on the subject of addiction and substance abuse treatment.  Working in conjunction with The Treatment Center, she is active in the national recovery community.  The Treatment Center is a well respected, residential treatment program offering medical detoxification, dual diagnosis treatment, individual and group therapy.  Most major insurance is accepted. 

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Alcohol addiction recovery has been a elusive issue for people grappling with this problem. Though there are counselors, alcohol rehabs and many other treatments available, nothing seems to help the alcoholic persons. Alcohol is a social menace which has devastated many lives and severed even blood bonds. Once caught in the grip of this liquid, people find it next impossible to stop drinking. They crave for whisky several times in a day and when stopped, they become violent and sabotage everything they have at hand. Sometimes their frustration drives them to take extreme step – suicide. There are instances when alcoholic person failed to withstand the craving and end his life to escape humiliation.

Where everything fails, prayer works. Energy medicine provides reliable alcohol addiction recovery program. No medicine to take, no shock therapy, no abstinence and no living in rehabilitation center. Energy medicine has helped over thirty thousand alcohol addicts from returning back to their normal life, free of alcohol obviously. If the stories of people treated with energy medicine are to be believed then the world has a sure way to treat alcohol addiction. The new way to liberty from alcohol is reliable, cost effective and doesn’t require the addicted person to remain under supervision.

The energy medicine doctor examines the alcoholic person both from inside and outside and then starts his treatment which is counseling. The energy doctor with the help of his special abilities detects the problem area and tells the patient about all that is happening within the patient’s body. This is a unique alcohol addiction recovery program in which the patient is made to understand what is good for his health and why he should abstain from the golden liquid which is called alcohol. Looking at the number of people benefitted from energy treatment, there remains little doubt that it can help people get rid of alcohol.

Medical science has also acknowledged the advantage of energy treatment. There are doctors who substantiate the claim made by energy doctors. They recommend this treatment to their patients. Energy treatment is becoming popular day by day. Alcohol has people of all ages in its strong grip. Men and women, young and adult and even elderly and old are fighting with alcohol. Now with the help of energy alcohol addiction recovery, it is easy for people to stop drinking alcohol. They can discover the energy within their body hence no need to rely on any external source for feeling empowered.

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