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The Drug Enforcement Administration states that cocaine is the most popular and the most drug abuse problem in the state of Rhode Island. The purity levels of the cocaine found on the street is an unbelievable 50 to 90 percent pure, of course depending on some factors. Drug traffickers in the state of Rhode Island do not only sell their supply to residents of this state but also supply cocaine to their customers in Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire. Rhode Island is often used as a transshipment state for the New England states.

Rhode Island does not only have a drug abuse problem with cocaine, but with students, the most popular drug of choice is marijuana. As a matter of fact, 35 percent of all high school seniors state they are currently using the drug and close to sixty percent have tried the drug. Many studies throughout the US has shown that when children under the age of 14 are around others using drugs and alcohol and have a chance to experiment, have a higher risk of developing drug or alcohol abuse issues at a later date. In the state of Rhode Island, the sad truth is that eleven percent of high school freshman stated they tried marijuana before the age of 13.

The good news is that in 2006 the state of Rhode Island had 57 drug abuse and alcohol treatment centers as reported by the National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services. These rehab centers offer a wide array of services from detox to counseling. The majority of these drug abuse and alcohol abuse centers receive some public funding and even help by providing their services to hospitals. In most cases, hospitals and physicians refer patients to drug rehab treatment centers or in some cases, the courts mandate that a person attend an alcohol rehab center.

In 2006, the alcohol treatment centers were receiving more patients; however, heroin was coming second at drug rehab treatment facilities. On the other hand, admission to drug and alcohol rehab facilities can include all kinds of drugs and Rhode Island sees all kinds. The drugs that are causing drug abuse problems in the state of Rhode Island include as stated above alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, and heroin, but also methamphetamine, club drugs such as MDMA and GHB, and OxyContin. The only prescription drug that is causing drug abuse problems in the state of Rhode Island is oxycontin. Other drugs have not been a problem in the state as of this writing.

No matter the type of addiction a person may be suffering from in the state, there are several different methods of treatment that usually includes some type of counseling to help individuals learn to live without the use of illegal drug, prescription drug, or alcohol. Rhode Island has its fair share of drug abuse and even binge drinking, but they are working to provide the care that is needed through drug rehab facilities, and alcohol treatment centers throughout the state.

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