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Oklahoma Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers and Programs


According to the United States Drug Enforcement Administration, Oklahoma has a drug situation, which includes Methamphetamine, mostly crystal methamphetamine. This is the main concern of drug abuse in the state with the drug being produced mainly in Mexico and the southwestern US. Another serious problem found in the urban areas of Oklahoma is crack cocaine. As you can see from the graph above provided by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, alcohol still accounts for the most abused drug in the state. Families may not even realize that a family member has a drug related problem until the person is addicted and needs professional help. In the state of Oklahoma, there are many different drug rehab and alcohol rehabilitation treatment centers and programs available offering help for all ages.

Most individuals and families look for a drug and alcohol treatment center that is close by their home and its affordability. However, any person that is looking into a drug rehab or alcohol treatment center or programs should do their homework and learn the various types of services that each offer as well as ensure the program or facility works with the particular addiction of the person seeking help.

In 2006, 176 drug and alcohol treatment centers were reported. A small percentage of the rehabilitation centers were created to provide help for Native Americans, whereas another small percentage were private for profit facilities but the largest percentage was rehabilitation and treatment centers for private nonprofit facilities. The majority of the centers drug and alcohol treatment/ rehabilitation centers do receive various types of government funding including federal, state, and local.

The major problem when it comes to drug and alcohol problems is that the problem goes undetected and when it is discovered families are unable to cope with the situation. Due to this fact, around 99% of all drug rehab and alcohol treatment/rehabilitation centers usually perform an evaluation to help families know if they have a member with an a drug or alcohol addiction as well as ensure the family has the information needed to choose the best type of service for their situation.

In the state of Oklahoma, about ¾ of the treatment centers offer outpatient care where around ¼ offer residential programs. The majority of rehab and treatment centers in the state of Oklahoma geared toward individuals that have an addiction to any type of drug or alcohol can receive the proper care including detoxification, counseling, and behavior modification therapy. With these types of programs, the success rate has been overwhelming in Oklahoma.

Even though, you may not hear about other drugs besides Methamphetamine and crack cocaine in the news in the state of Oklahoma, there are other drug addictions including prescription medications. The United States Drug Enforcement Administration states the problem drugs in Oklahoma to be Methamphetamine, Cocaine, Heroin, Club Drugs such as MDMA and GHB, and Marijuana. The most abused pharmaceutical drugs in the state of Oklahoma include alprazolam, Demerol, diazepam, Dilaudid, Hycodan, hydrocodone, Lortab, Percodan, propoxyphene, Ultram, and Vicodin.

If you or family member need help you should check out the various drug and alcohol treatment/rehabilitation centers and programs until you find the one that fits your situation and your needs.

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