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For the state of Delaware, substance abuse is found everywhere. Every illicit drug that you can think of can be found in the state and drug trafficking is quite popular with Delaware’s location of the I-95. Cars with hidden compartments travel down the highway on their way through Delaware’s largest cities and to Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New York. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration recognizes all drugs and their horrible effects on people, but in Delaware there are four that are on the top of the list. These are marijuana, heroin, MDMA, which is Ecstasy and the rock version of cocaine called crack.

In Delaware, substance abuse is starting at early ages. High school kids, young adults, and the middle class are all becoming involved in the drug scene. In Delaware, the club scene and other nightlife activities is the perfect spot to find individuals doing club drugs, like Ecstasy and then the beaches provide a place to go to come down off of the high.

Marijuana addiction, like in every other state, is highly accessible in Delaware. The Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration links marijuana use to other hard drugs, like heroin and cocaine. Marijuana is used in combination with other drugs and the use does not just stop with teenagers. Heroin is combined with marijuana and is fairly cheap in Delaware. Cocaine is controlled by gangs on the streets of the larger cities in the state. Crack cocaine is cheaper, but comes with all the violence involved with drug dealers and trafficking.

When it comes to substance abuse, the scariest part is that most drugs can be manufactured right in the privacy of one’s home. Methamphetamine, or ice, is continually being made in home labs with the use of ephedrine from local pharmacies. The state has made it to where large quantities cannot be sold therefore slowing down the production of ice. Prescription drugs are also popular in Delaware. Xanax, Percocet, Oxycodone, and many others are easily obtained through various ways. The internet has been an easy way to get these drugs without a prescription even though most users still visit many doctors to get what they need.

Drug rehabs are the end result for most strung out addicts. In Delaware, there are drug rehabilitation programs available for both teenagers and adults. Alcohol rehabs are also available with state funded options for those with little to no money and private rehabs for those that can afford them. There are also drug and alcohol treatment and recovery centers that cater to the gay community and those suffering from substance abuse.

Whether you or someone you love is addicted to alcohol, meth, heroin, cocaine, or a combination in between there is a program to help you. Treatment for drug and alcohol abuse, unfortunately, is quite common. The good news is that there are professionals that are willing to help and want to lead you to a life of sobriety. Families of addicts may require counseling as well and rehabilitation and recovery centers can help both the family and the individual.

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