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Psychiatric Ward Prefers Alcoholic Patients to Real Mentally Ill?

Question by No Chance Without a Kiss: Psychiatric ward prefers alcoholic patients to real mentally ill?
Isn’t it easier to treat the alcoholics, they’re pretty “normal” people just trying to stop drinking. Makes life easier for the doctors and nurses, and everybody knows, many people will take the easy option when given the choice, doesn’t matter to them, as long as they cash their pay check at the end of the week.
“There is a “psychiatric ward” and then there’s “rehabilitation centers”. They are two completely different buildings with two completely different doctors with two completely different purposes.”

Not in my local hospital, it has a psychiatric ward, and the beds are mostly taken up by alcoholics.

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Answer by Pam R
People drink to take away the pain of their emotions, so they self medicate themselves this way. But—- there is always an underlying problem on why they do it, and most of the time Dr.’s just want to treat the noticeable problem, which is drinking.

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