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Drug Detox Program

A drug detox program is one that helps individuals rid their body of the toxins and the drugs that are abusing so they can begin drug abuse treatment. In 2007, U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration published a report that showed around 4 million Americans received treatment for drug and alcohol abuse through public funded facilities. Out of the four million around one million received outpatient care through different residential treatment centers, drug detox facilities or medical facility. The report does not include treatment centers that do accept public funding, so the number of those receiving help for their addiction is higher.

One of the most important aspects of drug rehabilitation is a drug detox program. Many people do not realize it but drugs leave toxins in the body and that it can take from 18 hours to several days for the toxins to leave the body after a person quits taking the drug. While the toxins remain in the body, the cravings are still very present and it is very easy for a person to relapse without the proper drug detox program. A quality drug detox program is vital to the success of drug abuse recovery.

Not every drug detox program offers the same treatment or method. One may offer only detoxification while another one will offer counseling and therapy after the drug detoxification. In the majority of cases, many individuals need a drug detox program before they go on to the next step in treatment. Withdrawal symptoms are often so harsh that quite a few of individuals go back to the drug or alcohol instead of working through the withdrawal symptoms. With some drugs, the withdrawal symptoms can be life threatening thus the reason for a drug detox program. A drug detox program makes the withdrawal just a bit easier to deal with while giving up the drug.

There are many different detox programs available. Knowing which program is best for each individual has a lot to do with their medical evaluation and discussion with their doctor. Some individuals may not require a drug detox program whereas another person may require outpatient care, and still another inpatient drug detox program. If a person choose an outpatient drug detox program they must be monitored closely to ensure that the drugs prescribed to help with the withdrawal symptoms are taken properly and that no ill effects occur during the detox period.

An inpatient drug detox program will provide the addict with the professional medical personnel they need close at hand to ensure that all goes well during the detox period. Along with providing the necessary medical care, the drug detox facility will ensure the addict is receiving the nutrients needed, as many individuals do not eat during drug detox.

After a person has detoxed they are then ready for counseling to help find the root of the addiction problem. Many individuals turn to drugs for a wide range of reasons. Finding the underlying problem will help the person learn to live a drug free life.

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